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How the iPhone is still pushing the frontiers of technology 10 years on

Ten years ago the mobile phone-using public had been used to ever reducing handsets – folding right down to the fashionable clamshell.

Calling and texting were king, and the smaller the phone model the better.

That, of course, was before Steve Jobs unveiled Apple’s iPhone on June 29, 2007, delivering a new dimension in digital technology.

Phones no longer existed solely in the realms of calls and texts – high-functioning cameras, apps, data optimisation and touch screen very quickly came to be taken for granted as part of the package.

One thing is for sure, whether you are a fan of the Apple brand or not, there is no denying the huge impact the iPhone has had on the mobile phone market.

How Apple kept innovating through 10 years of the iPhone

The original model featured a 2 megapixel camera and came in 4GB and 8GB models, costing $499 and $599 respectively.

But…you couldn’t cut and paste, it was 2G – and there was no app store!

One year later and storage had doubled, costs had halved and the iPhone 3G heralded the true start of the smart phone internet revolution. GPS also allowed location services to be used.

Costs continued to be driven down, while speed and storage capacity increased – to as much as 64GB.

Facetime was unleashed with the iPhone 4 in 2010, making video chats an easily accessible option for smart phone users.

It was the iPhone 5s that saw a return to pushing the functionality of mobile technology, bringing in touch ID and movement data capabilities to allow health and fitness apps to track movement.

This was followed by digital payment technology and improvements to speed and usability in the following two years.

The focus shifted to wireless technology in 2016 as Apple phased out the audio jack and provided wireless headphone ear buds.

iPhone 8 – Highstreets hot topic or massive FLOP?

All eyes were on the announcement of the 10th anniversary iPhone keynote. It saw the launch of 3 new models, the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X models.

The key design changes have been injected in to the iPhone X , but with a later launch date of November for this particular handset, the buzz around the lesser iPhone 8 has taken a hit and definitely not mirrored that of previous years and previous models.

As they arrived in store this morning we were eager to see the all-new glass design and examine the new space grey, silver and gold finishes in the flesh. They are very nice indeed and the wireless charging is impressive.

However, customer feedback is the increase in price for the iPhone 8 versus the specification enhancements do not stack up. Many less die-hard apple fans have reverted to the iPhone 7, refusing to pay the excess for little in terms of improved particulars.

If you would like to examine the differences for yourself and give us your opinion, pop along and see us in store or check out our iPhone comparison page.

Pre-order your new iPhone X

In reverse, the iPhone X has whet the appetite of the masses. Even with the hefty price tag, circa £1K, people have not been deterred.

With official pre-order not available until late October here at M-Viron the enquiries are already coming thick and fast.

If you don’t want to miss out on bagging the 10th anniversary edition of this iconic piece of technology, act fast.

Make sure you are at the front of the queue when Apple releases its 10th anniversary model iPhone X – pre-order with M-Viron today, call 01785 286666 and secure yours in advance.

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The summer holiday superhighway

Back To School (2)It’s six weeks of torture for some and six weeks of heaven for others. Whichever camp you sit in, the summer holidays are a time of year that tends to weigh heavy on even the most scrupulous purse.

As we’re habitually reactive to the British weather, entertaining the kids consists of sourcing and then enduring some indoor activity with a hefty price tag. When we do manage to secure the odd day outdoors, even an ice cream from an overly enthusiastic and tuneful van could warrant a re-mortgage.

Lest we forget … this six-week financial drain is topped off with a need to re-clothe, re-shoe and re-stock stationery supplies. And now, in 2017, many schools expect that the little cherubs own or at least have access to a laptop or tablet at home which they may need to take into school for the increasingly popular gadget fun days as part of their learning.

New term budget blues

Shockingly, statistics from 2016 revealed that the average cost of sending a child back to school after the summer break was a hefty £186 for primary school and an average of £550.80 for 11-18 year olds, with gadgets making their way into the everyday school bag. The advances in technology will undoubtedly see this figure hike in 2017.

Technology – such as mobile tablets means the cost of going back to school is just too much for some parents. Gone are the days for many where a geometry set is considered a lavish purchase or a scientific calculator an elaborate buy.

The classroom is turning ever more digital and tablets are now commonplace in the education environment. Homework set will now more often than not refer to research they need to conduct prior to completion, which would require a 3-hour library stint or a 20 minute home based internet search.  Life is hectic and the latter becomes the preferred choice for convenience.

If there is more than one child at home or only one home PC/mobile device the stresses and strains of multi users adds to the woes. The team here at M-Viron are also parents and social consumers. We’ve encountered the same problems you have when it comes to juggling affordability, reliability and connectivity, so we are well versed in finding the right solution.

Say no to web woes with an EE Harrier

If you are looking to add a mobile tablet to the school bag this September then it need not break the bank. With an EE Harrier tablet free of charge on a 10GB capped data plan for just £21.00 per month, there is guaranteed to be no bill shock and no up-front costs. The 8-inch EE Harrier tablet comes in at the premium end of the compact tablet market. It has an eight-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm processor, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of built-in storage, which can be expanded via the micro SD card slot. It’s the perfect companion to the latest lunch box and shatterproof ruler.

Get the kids TABulated this autumn – click, call 01785 286666 or email us today cs@m-viron.uk.com for more information.


Don’t have time to check your mobile phone bill? You could be losing out!

It’s just too much effort.

And it takes up a fair bit of time. All those texts and calls. And now there’s the data usage! Pfft… minefield!

Yep, checking your mobile phone bill just isn’t at the top of your “to do” list at the moment and probably never will be.

The majority of mobile owners don’t make the time to go through their bill thoroughly. And why should they? Being on a contract is easy isn’t it?

You’ve chosen the handset, estimated the volume of texts, calls and data you’re likely to use throughout the month, and you’re away! More often that not, calls and texts are now unlimited on most plans. So why would I need to check my mobile phone?

Ask yourself:

  • Did you reach the limit of your texts, your call minutes, or your data allowance?
  • Were you using more than you anticipated of one or more of those features?
  • Have I got capped billing so I can budget better?
  • Do I really need unlimited calls or texts?

The thing is, our circumstances change. Our family life, our work situation, our socialising, they constantly morph. And all these changes impact, sometimes very subtly, on how we use our mobile device. Plus the freedom of unlimited can come at an unnecessary premium.

Checking your bills

Boring, boring, boring. Running down those long lists and trying to compare one month with another, especially over several months, is hardly an exciting pastime. But it is important and here’s why.

Those subtle changes, and even the not-so-subtle ones (like a new job), mean that you could be paying for services you don’t need. Yes, it may have been a good idea at the time, but things are different now, and unless you’re able to spot those differences and see how your usage has changed, the chances are that you’re wasting money and not getting the best from your contract.

Bill-Review Service

Now isn’t that a good idea?

What if there was a service out there that provided you with information on how your contract actually fits in with your daily life?

What if that service pointed out when there was a better tariff for you? That you were under-using some elements of your package, but being charged for over-use of others?

What if that service was free of charge? (seriously no strings attached)

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to address that imbalance and get things back on track?

Using a Bill-Review Service makes sense.

It takes the hassle out of trying to work out where you can make savings and where you’re overpaying. It means that someone else does the hard work; the only thing you have to do is reap the rewards!

Save time. Save money!

It doesn’t really matter what the changes are. Whether you’re using email more now or calling less; searching the web a little less often or texting your new partner perhaps a little more often than you think, it’s worth keeping tabs on all that activity to ensure you’re not losing out.

Never pay more than you need to. Build a contract which accurately reflects what you use you mobile phone for, and remember that it’s a very personal item; one that you interact with throughout the day.

Gone are the days where a mobile phone is a luxury item, it has become a necessity for home and work life.

One size doesn’t fit all! Let one of our account managers help you today.

Whatever your network, no matter how many handsets you have, we are on hand to review your existing account free of charge without obligation. We will give you the information and the tools to make the changes that can save you stress, time, energy and money.

If you think that a Bill-Review Service is just what you need right now, give us a call on 01785-286666 to find out more. Don’t lose out!


Christmas catastrophe?

Why festive phone dilemmas shouldn’t get you down

We’ve all been there. Hospitable drinks at the neighbours’ house, a tipple at the pub, a meal with friends. The festive period is a well-earned chance for many to wind down and relax, but it also brings the prospect of more breakages and accidents involving your mobile phone!

It’s true. Mobiles get dropped in all sorts of places when we’ve… um … had a drink or two! On the tiled kitchen floor, on the pavement, in a puddle, in snow, in mud, in the freezer, from the top of the stairs to the bottom and in a watery place that’s perhaps best not mentioned!

Phones also get trodden on, sat on, and left in pockets to only go and venture in to the washing machine of all places! We’ve seen them covered in jam, cake mix, glitter-glue and batter. And we’ve lost count of the number of phones we’ve seen that have made great chew-bones for man’s best friend and even been nibbled by the pet rabbit.

Yes, our personal gadgetry gets somewhat of a pounding on a regular basis and even more so at Christmas time.

When something causes damage to your phone, it’s natural to think that your piece of highly technical engineering is ruined beyond repair. Circuitry, microprocessors, ports and accurately manufactured screens are delicate items aren’t they? And dog food isn’t good for them … right?

Well, you’d be surprised at what we can do with a damaged phone, so don’t give up on it. What you need is a dedicated, specialist repair service. A team of trusted professionals who can work wonders with your favourite device and bring it back to life.

Repairs are as diverse as the number of ways a mobile can be damaged, so think carefully before deciding that it’s come to an untimely end. There’s a lot that can be done to resurrect it!

By taking your mobile to a repair service, you’ll be able to talk through what happened to it and get an expert opinion on whether it can be saved and restored back to its previous pristine condition.

What we can do?

Tech-savvy experts will not only render first-aid, but will perform methodical and thorough cleaning and testing, whilst fully investigating the possibility of returning your phone to you, negating the need to replace it before it’s ready!

Their skills are boundless (well, nearly). They frequently carry out in-house screen repairs, battery replacements and charging port replacements, all at a very competitive but realistic price.

The market price of parts can affect repair charges, and using cheap or copy parts, or parts from scrap devices is just not an option. Parts are sourced from manufacturers with no compromises. Quality is paramount!

Some repairs which are not possible in-house are sent to our trusted repairers. And don’t worry about a huge unexpected bill popping up. We always advise you on the anticipated costs beforehand so there are no nasty surprises!

And it’s not just hardware that may need attention.

We are masters at resetting lost cloud-based logins e.g. iCloud, Gmail and Windows accounts, in order to retrieve data from handsets which are beyond economic repair or which are severely water damaged.

We can also set up exchange servers or email on devices and ensure that they are synchronised correctly; a real advantage which assists you if you should ever lose or damage your handset. Working alongside I.T. and server companies, we make sure that all angles are covered.

Don’t despair!

Your mobile is tougher than you may think. A repair is often a strong possibility and if your handset is insured, you may even find there’s very little you’ll have to pay towards its return from death’s door.

Need a repair or service? Any handset on any network? That’ll be M-Viron.

Whatever happens to your phone, never despair. Visit the M-Viron mobile phone store, just off the High Street in Stone and speak to us about our repair service.

We’d love to hear about any disasters your mobile has lived through, or any strange situations that no phone should ever have to encounter!

Need repair advice? Talk to us on 01785-286666. Don’t despair. Repair!

Are you a heavy data user and wanting to save money on your mobile phone bill?

EE have slashed the price on our 25GB Business Extra plan to just £38 per month. This tariff is just perfect for heavy data users & businesses who contact customers or suppliers or travel into Europe & the US.

Is doing business abroad costing you a packet? Are you a heavy data user & wanting to save money on your data?

With Unlimited calls & Unlimited text to use in the UK, PLUS 25GB of data each and every month, you can be forgiven for thinking dreams really do come true!

BUT…..all good things must come to an end, this offer is only available before 15th September 2016.

Combine the UK’s Biggest, Fastest & Number 1 4G network EE with the customer service and after sales care of m-viron and you really do have a match made in heaven.

Unfortunately not all mobile networks are the same. Why would you not want to be with the best? Contact us TODAY to start saving money on your mobile phone bills.

To find out more call M-Viron on 01785 286666 and speak to one of our team.